LED downlighting delivers both style and substance, providing ambient and effective light distribution. Small is beautiful with this type of lighting. The design and technology are minimal, cost-effective and energy efficient. LED downlights create ambient, directional illumination, suitable for any space. Accented downlights highlight design features like artworks and display cabinets. Dimmable products allow greater control over light output. Spotlights are well suited to kitchens, bathrooms, and studies to give strong task lighting.

  • Integral EvoFire – GU10, IP65, Fire-Rated

    £ 7.14 inc. VAT
  • Click Nano Adjustable 4.8W Dimmable IP65 2700K

    £ 22.79 inc. VAT
  • Click Nano 4.8W Dimmable IP65 2700K

    £ 20.39 inc. VAT
  • The One Tilt & Rotate

  • Adjustable maxi Downlight ORL019MAXI

  • Aurora Universal Adjustable Fascia

    £ 4.74 inc. VAT
  • Aurora M10 Dimmable LED Downlight

    £ 32.34 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Universal Fixed IP65 Fascia

    £ 5.94 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DE82W/30 E8 Adjustable 8W Dimmable Fire Rated LED

    £ 26.34 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Shower 240V Fire-Rated IP65

    £ 15.54 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Fixed 240V Fire-Rated

    £ 10.74 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Adjustable 240V Fire-Rated

    £ 13.14 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DDLCX10 10W Colour Switching IP54 Dimmable Downlight

    £ 29.99 inc. VAT
  • ORL2018 Trimless Square Magnetic Downlight

  • Aurora Universal Fixed Fascia

    £ 3.54 inc. VAT