Like your decor, it is important to spend time considering your interior lighting. Interior lighting can convey a mood, whether it is a lively quarter or a cosy setting, by adding a layer in architectural spaces. Most importantly one must factor in the efficiency and visual comfort needed in a space.

  • Adjustable maxi Downlight ORL019MAXI

  • Aurora Downlight GU10

    £5.81 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Downlight GU10 Adjustable

    £6.58 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Universal Adjustable Fascia

    £4.74 inc. VAT
  • Aurora M10 Dimmable LED Downlight

    £32.34 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Universal Fixed IP65 Fascia

    £5.94 inc. VAT
  • BG Luceco GU10 Downlight Kit (Fitting+ Dimm Lamp) White-Gloss

    £8.34 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DE82W/30 E8 Adjustable 8W Dimmable Fire Rated LED

    £26.34 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD103 Mains Voltage GU10 IP65 Fire Rated

    £8.39 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD102 Mains Voltage GU10 Adjustable F/R

    £7.86 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD101 Mains Voltage GU10 Fixed Fire Rated Downlight

    £5.94 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Shower 240V Fire-Rated IP65

    £15.54 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Fixed 240V Fire-Rated

    £10.74 inc. VAT
  • Mini ICage Adjustable 240V Fire-Rated

    £13.14 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Downlight LV

    £4.61 inc. VAT