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Wise LED Dimming Reciever 350mA 21W

Wireless LED dimming receiver allows you to dim any 350mA LED . The pack is small enough to fit into the ceiling or cupboard, making installations possible to your exsisting home installation. Up to 16 Wireless switches can be programmed to one pack, This enables you to dim 2 way or more very easily. The maximum wattage is 21 watts, this is split into three 7w outputs. Each output must be wired in series. There is no minimum wattage. Requires 24V supply.

Technical Data

Height : 35mmWidth : 47mmLength : 165mmMaximum Wattage : 21Minimum Wattage : 1IP Rating : IP20Maximum Range : 100mVoltage : ( Input ) : 24V

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Manufacturer code WISERGB 350mA
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