Top Tips for Outdoor Lighting

With more and more people barbequing and eating alfresco, using our outdoor space as a living area is becoming commonplace. Along with outdoor heaters and the right furniture, the correct lighting can make the difference between mundane or magical.

Whilst planning your permanent outdoor lighting, it’s a good idea to walk with a torch towards the house and note all the places that need lighting. This will pinpoint areas that need highlighting and areas that could do with being covered up.

– Uplighters used against the back wall or fence will draw the eye to the end of the garden, creating an illusion of greater space.

– Spike lights can be used to highlight plants and shrubs and can be moved around as required.

– Spotlights add some drama to the area and are particularly effective at highlighting features of the garden like plants or a pond.

– Recessed lighting is perfect for marking out decking, lighting paths or patios and placed correctly gives a wonderful wall wash effect.

– Bulkhead lights provide a robust style of lighting useful for lighting walls and entry door frames.

Take care planning your outdoor lighting ensuring that the lighting is effective and complimentary. Pathways should be illuminated, walls should be subtly washed and garden features should be spotlighted.
As well as the decorative lighting for the outdoor areas, it’s important also to consider security. There are 2 types of security light, those that light up from dusk till dawn, which come on when it gets dark and switch off when the sun rises, and the PIR Halogen or LED flood lamps that activate when triggered by body heat. PIR (Passive Infra Red) flood lamps are highly effective at deterring intruders and animals. With PIR lighting you can set the sensitivity control and adjust the length of time the light illuminates when triggered.

Making an outdoor space inviting with well chosen lighting is hugely satisfying. Highlight the good, hide the not so good, and accentuate the features, at the same time providing security.

With many different types of outdoor lighting, all suited to the job required it can be a bit of a minefield when choosing. Let us help you make those all important decisions. Call us today.

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