Downlighting gives a light output that can really pop. Elegant, efficient and straightforward to maintain mains voltage downlights are available in different colour temperatures. Easily controlled with a standard dimmer, distributing light for task areas and more ambient spaces. Mains voltage lights do not require a transformer which cuts down on installation time and is ideal for high ceilings and large rooms. Adjustable options are better for spaces where a change in the distribution of light is desirable.

  • Aurora Downlight GU10

    £ 5.81 inc. VAT
  • Aurora Downlight GU10 Adjustable

    £ 6.58 inc. VAT
  • Orlight Steamspot Downlight

  • ORL019 Miniature Adjustable Downlight

  • ORL1018-2 Twin Trimless Magnetic Downlight

  • ORL2018-2 Twin Trimless Square Magnetic Downlight

  • Fixed 240v IP65 Shower Downlight

    £ 7.56 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DDLCX10 10W Colour Switching IP54 Dimmable Downlight

    £ 29.99 inc. VAT
  • ORL1018 Trimless Magnetic Downlight

  • ORL2018 Trimless Square Magnetic Downlight