From the dictionary of light…

Betec Clarus /klarəs/ noun. 1. Cutting edge LED lighting technology infused with understated elegance. 2. The perfect fusion of form and function. 3. Sophistication. 4. The benchmark in picture lighting worldwide.

Zero UV and Infra-Red emissions     Minimal running costs     Minimal maintenance

Clarus was designed originally for an art gallery in 1978, and for many years was the last word in discrete picture lighting delivering a very even illumination using a clever internationally patented design.

The coming of age of LED lighting brought with it the ability for Betec to offer an even broader range of basic modules – 11 in all – to add to the 9 standard colour ways on offer, and 4 types of brackets. It is now also possible for owners of even very early models to upgrade to state of the art LED.

Perfect fusion of form and function from Germany.

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