Wise Controls is a great solution for all types of lighting and home automation. Use wireless technology to control your entire home. Wireless switches can be placed anywhere without the need for back boxes. These switches can be used for simple switching and dimming of circuits. They can also be used for scene control, colour change and master ON/OFF. Use your mobile phone, tablet or PC to control every room individually or together.

  1. Wise Controls
    Wise Controls
  2. Wise Controls
    Wise Controls
  3. Wise Dimming Reciever
    Wise Dimming Reciever
  4. Wise Fluorescent Dimming Receiver
    Wise Fluorescent Dimming Receiver
    WISEPACK 0-10V
  5. Wise LED Dimming 24V
    Wise LED Dimming 24V
    WISERGB 12 - 24V
  6. Wise LED Dimming 350mA
    Wise LED Dimming 350mA
    WISERGB 350mA
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Mr Resistor lighting specialists were established in 1968 and offer a wide range of lighting products, controls and electrical components. They created the Wise Controls brand in 2003 and the first product in the range was the Wisebox. It was initially designed for only outdoor use but now it is used by electricians, architects, designers and the public to revolutionise the way the home is wired.