Seamless design, performance and a carefully crafted product are what you find in Wästberg lamps such as the W154 Pal. The lamp incorporates an all-metal cast and extruded aluminium structure with a slim aesthetic, focused on geometric simplicity and formal purity. The engineered, integrated mechanics ensure smooth movement and adaptability. High-end warm LEDs are used featuring intelligent heat dissipation and light diffusion. With Wästberg the attention to detail runs through the entire process resulting in a superb product.

Wästberg is based in Helsingborg, in the southernmost region of Sweden. It’s founder, Magnus Wästberg, was born into the lighting trade and has a deep understanding for the need to fuse aesthetic sensibility with Swedish engineering mentality. Wästberg’s growing catalogue is developed in close collaboration with some of the World’s most renowned architects and designers. The lamps have been honoured with more than 50 Awards and nominations for design excellence.

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