With over 75 years of experience in ventilation, Vent-Axia is still as innovative to this day as it was, leading the way in energy-saving, low-carb products and systems. Vent-Axia fans are renowned for their long-standing commitment to high quality, innovation and excellence.

The company was founded in 1936 by Joe Akester who invented the worlds first electrically-operated, window fan.
Vent-Axia introduced the world’s first Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) fan in 1992 designed for the extra safety that is required in domestic bathrooms. Their product development programme is focused around their Lo-carbon initiative, using technology which reduces power consumption and recovers, recycles and re-uses energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Vent-Axia solutions provide a common thread of quality, reliability and ‘fit-for-purpose’ performance. The Vent-Axia range covers not just air movement, air handling and ventilation technologies but specialist heat recovery, electric heating, cooling and clean air systems for residential, commercial, public sector and industrial applications.

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