LED lighting expertly focused – Better by design
Orluna offer guaranteed LED mains dimming. Their own dimmer module ensures smooth dimming performance throughout the range. We are so confident of Orluna’s dimming capabilities that we will loan you one of our Test Sets of 4 downlights to take to site and test for dimming performance.

Orluna’s 10 degree narrow beam option for their downlights is a genuine 10 degrees – thanks to a lens they source from a German medical optics manufacturer.
Orluna began in 1998 by designing specialist LED luminaires for the defence and aviation industries. Their first QUAD50 light engines have now been in constant operation since 2005 – that’s over 70,000 hours! Today’s Orluna products are designed and manufactured only in the UK, to ensure exacting levels of quality control – quality control that ensures that any colour variation in their LED’s falls well below the level the human eye can detect. Their patented fire plate system ensures conformity with fire regulations while being far simpler for the electrician to fit than traditional fire bags and at the same time maintaining the heat dissipation properties of their proven heat sink design

  • Orluna The One Tilt & Rotate

  • Orluna Curve Fixed 96mm

  • Orluna Camber Fixed

  • Orluna Curve Recessed Fixed 96mm

  • Orluna Curve Tilt 96mm

  • Orluna Cero 100

  • Orluna Dino Fixed

  • Orluna Dino Adjustable

  • Orluna Camber Twin Trimless

  • Orluna Jade Fixed

  • Orluna Jade Adjustable

  • Orluna Dino Twin Adjustable

  • Orluna Cell Fixed Downlight

  • Orluna Cell Adjustable