Nordlux provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting. The company was founded in 1977 and specialises in quality products at a low price. Nordlux products are on the cutting edge of design and trends. Innovation is at the heart of each Nordlux product.
Nordlux engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of indoor and outdoor lighting products in Scandinavia. Scandinavians have always had a special relationship with light because it varies so much depending on the season. Not surprisingly, Nordic designers are among the world leaders in this field. The company’s indoor lighting products include suspended lamps, suspensions, LED lamps, table and floor lamps, spots, clamps, bathroom lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed lamps, built-on spots, fluorescent lamps, wall lamps, bulbs, miscellaneous products, and mix and match products. Its outdoor lighting products comprise wall lamps, recessed and ground recessed lamps, solar and sensor lamps, wall/ceiling lamps, garden lamps, and miscellaneous products. The company also offers light accessories, including a range of cables. The company is based in Aalborg, Denmark.

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