Buy Enlite fire rated downlights at Ormrod ElectricEnlite lighting , part of the Aurora Lighting group, produces one of the truly outstanding LED GU10 retrofit lamps in the market place today. With a very respectable 500 lumen output, 25,000 hours average life expectancy and a miserly 5 watts consumption, this is an excellent choice for residential applications and comes in a choice of 3 colour temperatures.

As well as one of the top GU10 LED lamps available, Enlite have an extensive range of superbly priced fire rated downlights as well all-in-one dedicated fire rated downlights. Very worthy of serious consideration!

  • Enlite EN-MR11GU4/30 240V MR11 GU10 4W Non-Dimmable LED Lamp

    £ 5.94 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-MR165/30 12V MR16 5W Non-Dimmable LED Lamp

    £ 7.14 inc. VAT
  • Enlite 1W IP67 240V Marker Light (No Driver Required)

    £ 23.99 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-GU005/30 LED GU10 Non-Dimmable

    £ 7.14 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DGU005/30 LED Dimmable GU10

    £ 8.34 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DE82W/30 E8 Adjustable 8W Dimmable Fire Rated LED

    £ 26.34 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD103 Mains Voltage GU10 IP65 Fire Rated

    £ 8.39 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD102 Mains Voltage GU10 Adjustable F/R

    £ 7.86 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-FD101 Mains Voltage GU10 Fixed Fire Rated Downlight

    £ 5.94 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DDLCX10 10W Colour Switching IP54 Dimmable Downlight

    £ 29.99 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-DE8/30 8W Fixed Dimmable Fire Rated LED 3K WW

    £ 17.99 inc. VAT
  • Enlite EN-BZE8W Fixed 88mm Aluminium Bezel White

    £ 2.64 inc. VAT