5 years of craftsmanship and technical innovation has allowed Catellani & Smith to strengthen and expand their presence on the lighting market worldwide. “When I create a lamp, I always start off with a prototype; 
 my laboratory is a workshop where I continually accumulate materials, components and objects of all different kinds; 
and this is where everything was born… I assemble, weld, bend, shape… I need to feel the materials, to see how they play with light…. I believe that this process can be felt in products by Catellani & Smith. ” - Enzo Catellani

  1. Lederam W
    Lederam W
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  2. Lederam F1 Floor Lamp White/Gold
    Lederam F1 Floor Lamp White/Gold
    Special Price £571.20 Regular Price £672.00
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The Lederam W is made of metal base and aluminium discs with nickel joint available in a range of colours. High design, this lighting art piece is akin to a solar eclipse where the consideration of materials is used to full effect. Lederam is the latest evolution of Eco-Logic Light and combines LED technology with a new copper leaf finish. These small discs with their soft, warm colour enclose a next-generation mains voltage LED module, so no transformer is required and they can be easily dimmed.