Buy Betec Picture light at Ormrod ElectricThe classic Clarus by Betec is the epitome of picture lighting excellence, and adorns many private art collections because of its functionality and elegant design. The advent of reliable LED light sources has spawned a whole new family of associated lighting tools that now can be seen at work in music and church lecterns, air traffic control centres and TV control rooms where precision lighting is paramount. It is a great pleasure to be distributors of such superbly engineered lighting products from a manufacturer who are so passionate about their product and the service that supports it.
Betec was founded in 1979 by Horst Lettenmayer following his successful development of the now classic Clarus picture light. The need to illuminate very large pictures led to the development of Maximus using tungsten halogen light sources. This has since been supplimented by the introduction of the Maximus Duo LED, which offers huge savings in energy and increased lamp life.