With the classic Clarus picture light, the concept of  festoon lamps mounted end to end in a very compact tube to discreetly light paintings was sensational and has been the picture light of choice for art collectors, galleries and museums ever since. This design spawned "Ductus" for lighting lecterns and for very localised lighting in TV, satellite and air traffic control rooms, and also "Piano" the perfect light for musical score lighting. 

  1. Acus Office table clip - Chrome
    Acus Office table clip - Chrome
  2. Clarus LED Picture Light
    Clarus LED Picture Light
  3. Make-Up 5 LED Mirror Light
    Make-Up 5 LED Mirror Light
  4. Maximus Picture Light
    Maximus Picture Light
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Betec was founded in 1979 by Horst Lettenmayer following his successful development of the now classic Clarus picture light. 

The need to illuminate very large pictures led to the development of Maximus using tungsten halogen light sources. This has since been supplimented by the introduction of the Maximus Duo LED, which offers huge savings in energy and increased lamp life. The advent of LED has greatly enhanced an already remarkable family of products, and enabled Betec to even improve upon the lighting capabilities of these products. They have also developed LED conversion kits to easily upgrade older Clarus units to the joys of minimum maintenance and greatly increased lamp life!