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LED leading charge towards simulating natural light

Natural light is an interior’s best friend and it is one element that cannot be controlled by a switch. However when life doesn’t give you sunshine, then LED has the answer. Italian company CoeLux has developed a skylight that has the ability to replicate the sun and sky so well that it is indistinguishable from the real […]

A Flood of light

Our digital world is increasingly departing from the screen, finding its way into our everyday life-scapes. These new forms of technology are coming alive, infiltrating our physical environments and bringing new forms of communication with it. Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has found his niche in this updated reality; through his illuminated environments. Roosegaarde endeavours to merge nature […]

Visions of blade runner

Film is an opportunity to montage visions of present and future and imagine what could be. It has been over thirty years since Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner; a movie adaptation of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? set in a bleak vision of 2019 Los Angeles. With a sequel on the horizon and Blade Runner the Final Cut now […]

Revealing the invisible

Our everyday is full of invisible moments and systems; from the monuments of the city that sit silently in stone and steel, to the rhythm of boats manoeuvring around one another in a choreographed dance. The presence of the unseen is dependant upon the filter through which we see our everyday. Much of what surrounds […]

Switch on the sun

Since the early part of last century, designers have been imagining a future in domed, self-contained cities; from Buckminster Fuller’s famous geodesic domes to the Truman Show’s city in a bubble. The practicalities of controlling said bubble would be providing a light source to rival the sun. One big disadvantage of creating a light to […]

Rise of the wonder bulb

However, the stakes have once again been raised with the announcement of the new dimmable LED, containing a filament coated in Graphene, due for release in the coming months. Graphene demonstrates the ability to build materials with designer properties that are propelling us forward into a new age of technological advancement. This new wonder bulb […]

The Frozen City

The ultimate ephemeral city comes to life once a year in the remote city of Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. For the past 30 years the frozen skyscrapers emerge with the help of over 10,000 artists and more than 180,000 cubic meters of ice cut from the Songhua River. A collective 28 million visitors descend upon the monuments […]

Glowing bodies

Light is typically seen as a static entity that illuminates the space that we move through. Its intention is to aid our navigation around objects, highlight moments of importance and enhance the aesthetic quality of a place. From the point of view of a person however, landscape is made up from the bubble of space […]

Monument light

Our technological age has changed the way we design. Not just in fabrication, but in the speed in which an industry evolves. We are in the age of generation design – always on the edge of the next release – constantly under threat of being superseded by the impending upgrade. This has made us look […]

Growing food in the dark

A new initiative by Tokyo Metro is using the uninhabited underground space between stops to implement hydroponic farms. The produce they are growing is sold onto neighbouring restaurants and eventually they would like commuters to consume their yield through salads and smoothies. Repurposing these forgotten spaces raises the question of how we can create and sustain micro […]