Aurora LED Striplight

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LED Strip 12V Single Colour Warm White

As there are additional elements needed when installing this product please contact us directly to order so we can insure you have everything you need.

- Quality set of lights (IP68) (High density)
- 24v LED striplight in single colour with self-adhesive back.
- 2x the LEDs compared to standard striplight options
- Ideal for application across several rooms and settings
- Score marks every 5cm.
- Minimal power consumption
- 3 colour options.
- 9.6 watt per meter (volts: 24)
- Demands constant driver voltage (LED)
- Versatile effect

Manufacturer Ref: AU-ST100 WW, Product ID: 7768

Technical Data

Colour Warm White
Width 8mm
Depth 0.5mm
Cut Length 50mm
Power Consumption 4W 12V
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Manufacturer code AU-ST100 WW
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