The advantages of exterior lighting


Security floodlights, particularly when combined with a comprehensive CCTV or door entry system, serve as an excellent deterrent against crime and vandalism. Most nocturnal crimes are committed in areas with little or no lighting to avoid apprehension. So when a criminal, vandal or even a late-night drunkard steps onto your property, a sudden blast from a high-powered security floodlight is sure to send them scarpering in the opposite direction. While criminals will often establish whether or not anyone is at home before making their move, the mere presence of a security camera to record their actions and a floodlight to alert the neighbours will provide a significant enough deterrent to make them think twice.Aurora-floodlight

Aside from crime, keeping the dark areas of your property illuminated can be beneficial from a psychological perspective, particularly if you have small children. A well-lit property is more pleasant and welcoming, allowing guests to approach your home without feeling as if they are walking into the unknown. If a property feels and looks secure, it will surely fetch a higher asking price when the time comes for selling.

Practicality & safety

From a practical standpoint, if you like to do productive outdoor activities, such as gardening or landscaping, then keeping the exterior of your property illuminated means that you have as many hours a day as you want to do your work – you don’t have to stop just because the sun went down and you lack the visibility to continue. If you have children that enjoy playing outside in the evening, you can keep an eye on them without having to worry about them injuring themselves because they can’t see what they’re doing.

Keeping outdoor swimming pools, steps and any other potentially hazardous area on the outside of your property illuminated is absolutely essential for safety, particularly for guests who are unfamiliar with your property’s landscape. Outdoor paths are also an important area to keep illuminated to prevent people from getting lost or injuring themselves in the dark.


It’s amazing the ways in which a few carefully placed decorative lights can transform the ambiance of an outdoor location, making it infinitely more cosy and friendly. This is most obvious when it comes to the entrance of a property, where the gentle illumination of potted plants, rustic ornaments and other special features can make a world of difference in terms of the impression given to approaching guests. If you like to host parties and other social events outdoors, choosing the appropriate lighting is a key element in setting the tone.

For more information about exterior lighting, please check out our full range of products and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you would like some advice on which products would be right for you.

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